New Era is a major centre for Baha'i activities

The students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Bahai religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher warned them to be 'TACTFUL' while propagating the Bahai religion. On seeing the Bahai books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the "Ruhi Book" that they were having, contained Baha'i religious material and chapters such as "Understanding the Baha'i Writings"

The District Collector should investigate New Era High School

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pudhari, Satara Edition, 12th December 2013

Robert Moses
Satara : Representative

In response to the incident in New Era High School, wherein a VII std. Student was beater by a XII std. Student for eating a ‘double biscuit’ (two biscuit), the Satara District Education Department met the parent, Robert Moses father of Frazer Moses in order to get detailed information about the incident. Robert Moses asked the Distract Officer to look into the matter and investigate the wring affairs of the school management and take action.

Robert Moses said that New Era High School, Panchgani is a type of Five Star Hotel. There is a different justice for the children to rich people and a different justice for the children of sags of soil (Local People). Even the local employees are victim of this ---- management. This school has example of local workers and Teachers who have worker for 10 years but have still not been made permanent in their jobs. Robert Moses also alleged that the school regularly propagates another religion and students are forced for that.

The school takes Lacks of rupees from the parents of residential students but does not give any satisfactory facility. A few years ago, Amir Khan's movie, Tare Jameen Per was filmed in this school. The school has highly publicized this and tired to show off.

The school has showed of and taken money from the shooting unit (Of the movie). New Era School takes heavy fees form students but does not take care of its students XII std. students ---- young children and the school administration takes a child action and leaves it. This indeed a serious situation and so Robert has said that he will meet the District Collector regarding this.

Meanwhile the Education Officer met Frazer the Son of Robert Moses and has collected information regarding the incident Robert has said that the Education Department has assured him that it will investigate the School. Robert has asked the investigation to be done only through the requested Collector. He has also asked the post of Principal that has been vacant for many years to be appointed.


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