New Era is a major centre for Baha'i activities

The students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Bahai religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher warned them to be 'TACTFUL' while propagating the Bahai religion. On seeing the Bahai books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the "Ruhi Book" that they were having, contained Baha'i religious material and chapters such as "Understanding the Baha'i Writings"

Email from an ex-student of New Era School, Panchgani

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Proselytizing Baha’i faith in schools in unethical and immoral
Finding Receptive Souls and Teaching Them Directly
I was a student of New Era School and I will not hesitate in accepting that a full scale Proselytizing goes on in the school in the name of Children Moral Classes. To be honest I have to say here that I did accept the Baha’i Faith for a while for which I was given a declaration card to sign stating that I believe in Bahaullah and Abdul Baha. Therefore I was not at all surprised to see your blog which points towards the Baha’is Proselytizing the Faith to the tiny tots in the Schools in India in the name of Community development. The methods adopted by the Baha’is are dangerous and deceptive as the children are not mature enough and cannot realize what is the actual purpose of these courses. But the fact is that whatever Baha’is are doing is just the order of their apex organization the Universal House of Justice. To support my point, I am reproducing the following extract which has been taken from Baha’i newsletter, ‘Reflections on Growth’ - Number 25, August 2009, Page 6 Prepared under the auspices of the International Teaching Centre for the institution of the Counselors.

For reading this Message one should first understand the secret Baha’i vocabulary.

Baha’i Terminologies
Actual meaning
Universal House of Justice
Centre of Baha’i Faith in Israel
Faith, Cause
Baha’i Faith
Teaching Methods
Ways of Proselytizing
Embrace the Cause
Accepting the Baha’i Faith
Anna’s Presentation
One of the methods of proselytizing

"Finding Receptive Souls and Teaching Them Directly"
In describing an intensive program of growth, the Universal House of Justice in its 27 December 2005 message explained that the objective of the expansion phase was “to widen the circle of those interested in the Faith, to find receptive souls and to teach them.” The question that might arise is “What’s the best way to teach these souls?” This is answered in the same paragraph of that message: “Experience suggests that the more closely teaching approaches and methods are aligned with the capacity acquired from the study of the institute courses the more rewarding the results.”

When studying Ruhi Institute Book 6 “Teaching the Cause,” we learn to distinguish between sharing information about the Faith and conveying concepts that will help a seeker recognize the station of Bahá’u’lláh and embrace the Cause. The teaching method that participants strive to emulate is the one informally referred to as “Anna’s presentation.” This is offered as a model of how to teach the Faith directly, with the aim of inviting an individual to join the Faith at the end of the presentation. Believers all over the world have been striving to align their teaching approaches with the learning acquired in Book 6 and are recording outstanding results from this direct method of teaching.

A few words should be said in relation to the term direct teaching. Shoghi Effendi Characterized direct teaching as “an open and bold assertion of the fundamental verities of the Cause” whereas indirect teaching, he wrote, is “a less direct and more cautious method of teaching,” consisting of presenting

A well-prepared home front pioneer can affect the lives of many people and become the catalyst to rapidly accelerate the development of a community. One such sterling example is recounted below.

A curious 16-year-old noticed a group of people in another village studying together. When he inquired about what they were doing, he became intrigued by the quotations they were discussing and asked the tutor if a similar course could be held in his own village. He and the tutor arranged to carry out a 22-day institute campaign, and he made certain that his friends and relatives attended. However, this same youth was unable to attend the sessions regularly. He was determined to go through the full sequence of courses properly and was sent to the residential Intensive institute courses held at Panchgani.

The experience of this youth at Panchgani proved to be extremely useful because there the service component was emphasized, enabling him and his fellow participants to build different capacities. During his time there, that youth resolved to give three months of service to the Faith when he completed the sequence. After only a few days back home with his family, he left to serve as a short-term pioneer in a neighboring cluster.

In the beginning, this stalwart youth faced many challenges at his post. The participants of the first study circle he started were not serious. Then with another Bahá’í he taught the Faith to 10 people in a different locality. They started a study circle for those 10 and finished Book 1 in four days, but the participants did not attend regularly. Then they started having the classes weekly. Six participants went through the sequence of courses up to Book 6. Slowly he was learning to keep the participants motivated to go through the program.

This young pioneer also made sure that, along with studying the text of each book, his participants carried participants carried out acts of service. Thus, when they finished Book 1, he asked them to start devotional gatherings. After Book 3, he encouraged them to start children’s classes. Some of them joined him in teaching while going through Book 6.

Then the pioneer started another study circle in a third locality. There were four participants in this study circle who moved up through Book 3. Consequently, within months, this pioneer was directly working with 10 people: six in Book 6 and four in Book 3. But that is not the complete circle of influence of this inspiring young man—through those 10 people he was able to influence the lives of more than 100 others! The total activities established by participants of his study circles included 6 regular devotional gatherings, 3 children’s classes, and 1 additional study circle, which all together attracted a total of 104 participants. In addition, many of these friends are now taking part in teaching teams during collective teaching campaigns.

Clearly, the consecrated efforts of one individual had the power to change a community.

His three months of service turned into nine, and in the end he decided not to leave his post until an intensive program of growth had been firmly established.”
From : Reflections on Growth, Number 25, August 2009, Page 6

Need I say more?

From the time New Era school has been established there are cases of 500 conversions to the Faith. Countless others are sympathetic and support the cause by large donations – cash and kind.

My dear countrymen, be cautioned !!!!!

New Era High School and NETTC, Baha'i Conversion Institutes

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

 (Conversion of the vulnerable)

Conversion through educational inducement is a forcible conversion. The parents send their children to be nurtured by these Educational Institutes. However, instead of nurturing these children the Baha'i Schools like New Era and NETTC at Panchgani brainwash them with Baha'i ideas and beliefs.

Baha'is take advantage of those in need, especially the parents who want to see their children go high up the ladder in the carrier and hence try to offer them with the best of the education but in Baha'i educational Institute their need are often met with Conversion of their children, to Baha'i Faith.

Most Baha'i organizations disguise their conversion efforts as :


These objectives are just a euphemism for aggressive and violent conversion activities. Baha'is do not do this for the good of humanity, but instead to convert the people to Baha'i Faith.

Baha'is have decided to target the Children (Age group 8 to 12 years) and Junior Youth (12 to 15 years) for conversions, not because they are the neediest, but rather, because they can be easily deceived into changing their faith, and they cannot easily report to the press.

Students attending NETTC courses are required to vigorously participate field practicum that is their involvement in Rural Development Programmes in a cluster of villages surrounding Panchgani on the week-ends.

The students are required to participate in the regular Reflection Meetings to share their know-how and refresh their teaching proficiency.

NEETC at Panchgani is a full fledged conversion institute. The only difference between a missionary conversion and Baha'i conversion is the economic aspect. Christian Missions offers material benefits to its converter where as the Baha'is convert, extract money and also the energy from the newly convert.

Besides training the trainee students the skill of imparting the prevailing academic curriculum NETTC lays due emphasis on the moral transformation of the students who in turn will emphasize on the moral structure of their tiny tots hand in hand with their academic improvement.

Here Academic improvement is just an eye wash. The real agenda is Moral Transformation of the Students, which is Conversion to the Baha'i Faith.

NETTC's training enables the trainee teachers to be suitable both for rural and urban settings. The basic curricular foundation for the first year programme of NETTC revolves around certain scopes of BAHA'I INSPIRED MATERIALS such as the Hidden Gems Programme (By BADI Foundation, Macau), The Preparation for Social Action (By FUNDAEC, Cali, Colombia) and the Junior Youth Empowerment programme.

If the motive is bad, then the Educational Institute has no real merit. There are many organizations that are doing noble service without expecting anything in return. And in offering such services, the Hindus are very actively involved.

Indians must exercise constant vigilance to educate about the true nature of the hidden agendas of Baha'i groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded and directed by foreign agencies. Their mission is couched in ecclesiastical terms but their ulterior motive is to convert Indian population by coercive conversion.

Indians must be aware that the value of free speech and the basic right to free expression is not absolute under the Indian constitution. Indians have the right to oppose the deceptive practices of the Baha'is that deem offensive. Awareness, education and assertive protest seems to be the best way of confronting deceptive Baha'i proselytizing.
Unchallenged and unchecked, coercive religious conversion can erode and destroy our spiritual tradition, dismantle our social fabric and destroy our moral foundation.

During his meetings with the foreign missionaries, Mahatma Gandhi had said that they are doing social service with the ulterior motive of conversions. He asked them to give up this offensive program. He also said to them that if this situation continued in a free India he would ask the foreign missionaries to leave the country.

Baha'i Faith is a political invasion from a foreign country. It is a bloodless war for the minds, hearts and souls of Indians. It is being waged with force, foreign fund and deception on us, in the class rooms of Baha'i educational Institutes, in the media and in the political fields. It is a constant and continuing war on our spiritual values in order to weaken our beliefs. We must stand up and take sides in this war for the minds.

Conversion activity at New Era Baha'i Institute (NEDI / NETTC), Panchgani

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Right from the beginning the Bahais at NETTC and New Era High School, Panchgani were proselytizing the students, staff and locals of Wai and Satara area.

The Bahai staff of this institution was quite often warned by the Government, Police and the locals to stop their conversion activities as it is against the Law of India. All these years, these advices/warnings went over the deaf ears of the Bahai officials. In fact to camouflage, the Bahais changed the name of NEDI to NETTC to give the impression that they are truly engaged only in 'Teachers Training Programme'. But, now their very secretive conversion activity in the name of "Promoters of the wellness of the Community" stands exposed.

On 3rd March the locals caught the Bahais red handed indulging in conversion activities. The Bahais arrived in a Mini Bus to propagate Bahai religion to the local people in Wai. The Bahais were taken to the police station where Bahai officials said that "we were conducting practicals for these students". They were told that why the students can’t go to different schools and get their practical training.

The students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Bahai religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher warned them to be ‘TACTFUL’ while propagating the Bahai religion.

On seeing the Bahai books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the 'Ruhi Book' that they were having, contained Baha'i religious material and chapters  such as "UNDERSTANDING THE BAHA'I WRITINGS."

The Police officials reprimanded Bahais of their hypocritical behaviour and warned them not to teach Bahai Faith to the students/staff of NETTC as well as locals of Wai and Panchgani.

On further inquiry it was revealed by the staff, that

There are numerous complaints against all the three institutes of Bahais namely:

•    NETTC
•    New Era School and Junior college
•    New Era Baha'i Academy

The conversion activities going on in these institutes are in the name of Children Moral Classes, Youth Classes etc. In fact some of the staff of these institutes have given a written complaint to the government authorities that these institutes demands 'Conversion' in return of confirmation and promotion in these institutes. Therefore some of the staff just to gain the facilities provided by these institutes like good salary, food, boarding and lodging have apparently accepted the Bahai Faith, but in actuality they practice their ancestral Religion.

The heads of all the three Bahai institutions are Iranians who have hired local Indians  to go to the villages, schools, colleges and universities to teach Bahai Training courses which are nothing but purely 'Bahai Religious Teachings'. Some of these people are well versed in local languages so they cunningly escape the authority scanners.

The staff further gave information that sometimes they have to conduct 'Ruhi Classes' for all the students of the class. The students are least interested in these courses but the staff and students have to do it compulsorily for hours and hours together. These courses have hidden agenda of teaching of Bahai religious passages. The students are supposed to memorize long Bahai prayers and quotations in order to enrich themselves with Bahai Teaching and culture.

Even the tiny tots are not spared from Bahai teachings. They too have to undergo various Bahai children courses designed for them, that are based on Ruhi books.

One of the senior staff who has retired from the school and now taken another assignment in one school elaborated the whole teaching process of the Bahais. He said that Bahai Faith has no acceptability in the society. Bahai Faith has nothing new to offer to the society although they claim that they have solutions for all the problems, but first the people should accept Bahai Faith. In fact Bahai teachings have been copied from other religions. Thefore in order to spread the Bahai teachings, the Bahai Administration emphasizes on establishment of  Schools and consider the children as best and fruitful targets.

Some of the parents have seriously objected to Bahais proselytizing going on in these Bahai Institutions. But then they have limitations to change the schools at this stage.

The teachers involved in Bahai activities are:

Mr. Swapan Sinha
Mr. Banamali Jena
Mr. Siddhen
Mrs. Farideh Vahdat
Mrs. Neha Khanna
Mr. Uttam Kamble
Mr. Sunder
Mrs. Pratima puri
Mr. Hari
Mr. Swapnil Shinde
Mr. Yogesh Kale
Mrs. Shivani
Mr. Vinod
Ms. Rita

The Bahai officials were warned, thus:

The local youths said, that people of Satara, Wai and Panchgani  are self sufficient so don't send any body to Wai Taluka for any Bahai religious classes. They don't need education from Bahai institutions and they do not require Bahai writings. In fact they advised the Bahais to learn from the glorious lives of Shivaji Maharaj, Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule and Mahatma Gandhi.

For conducting practicals for their Teacher Training Center, the students  should go to different schools and get the practice.

NETTC should have the Government permission to run the "Teacher Training Program", their syllabus should be approved and so also their training programme.

The Police Officer said that he want peace in Wai, he asked the Bahais to give in writing that No one from NETTC will come down to Wai Taluka for any classes or to teach the Bahai religion.


Baha'is of 'New Era Institute' caught red handed while converting Hindu villagers

Pudhari (Satara)
Sunday, 6th March 2011

Warning issued to the Baha’i teachers

Wai : Correspondent

The under training teachers of New Era High School, Panchgani were taken to the police station by the volunteers of Hinduttvawadi organizations when they were found converting youths to the Baha’i faith in the nearby villages. Local police left these Baha’i teachers by giving them strict warning. Due to this incident tension prevailed in the area for some time.

New Era Development Institute runs different training courses for the teachers of English medium pre-primary and primary sections. This Institute is primarily involved in the propagation of Baha’i faith. Very high amount of fee is taken from the youth interested to join this institute, although this institute does have any recognition from the government. Baha’i books are taught to the trainees and they are motivated to induce more people from the mainstream society to the Baha’i religion through the systematic Baha’i programmes by using Baha’i study materials in a very short time. These very trainees are also told to accept the Baha’i religion. Accordingly their declaration in Baha’i religion is taken by this institute to make them registered member of this religion.

From last three years this conversion activity was being carried out secretly. They have branches in Panchgani and Wai. For some time the hinduttvawadi organizations were monitoring these activities. They wanted to seize these people with valid proofs. On 4th March in the vicinity of Siddhanatwadi, they were caught red-handed. Hindu volunteers took hold of all the male and female Baha’i trainees of NEDI who arrived there through minibus No. MH-119512 to teach and convert innocent people of that area and took them to the nearby Police station. Sunil Choudhary (a Baha’i) is responsible for teaching activities in that area. Sub-Inspector Mr. Deepak Ghatge took the details and information from all the trainees and after a detailed inquiry left them with a strict warning. The police officer said, if they are caught again doing this type of activity, then appropriate action will be taken against them. Due to this incident there was much tension in the City. Vijayatai Bhosale, BJP City President Kashinath Shelar, Sanjay Patil, Sanjay Sanas, Manohar Patwardhan of Shiv Sena and Shivaji Shinde Principal of New Era and Atul Bhate, Sagar Malsure, BJP Dist. President Avinash Farande took part in the discussion held by the Police.

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Action taken on Bahai teachers by Hindu activists.

5th March 2011
Wai, 4th March 2011 : On Thursday evening, Hindu activists caught the staff and students of New Era Institute who were engaged in teaching Bahai religion in city and nearby villages.  They were then taken to the police station alongwith their vehicle.

This event occurred on Thursday, at 7.30 p.m. when the Hindu activists stopped a bus (No. MH11-T-9512) that was taking these proselytizers and brought it to the police station and handed them to the Police Sub-inspector Mr. Deepak Ghatge. The Sub-inspector then called various Hindu leaders & Sunil Choudhary, the director of New Era Institute and students to inquire about the incident.

The Hindu activists, Mr. Vivek Bhosle, Mr. Kashinath Shelar, Mr. Atul Bhate and Mr. Sagar Malsure gave a signed document to the Wai Police Station. The document says, from last many years, the New Era Development Institute (New Era Teachers Training Centre) is spreading Bahai religion under the name of imparting academic education to the pupils.

The Bahais of New Era were found teaching their religion to the Hindus of Ravivarpeth, Siddhnathwadi, Jejurikar Colony, Sahyadri Nagar, Brahmanshahi and the poor families living below poverty line in the nearby villages.

The document (complaint) demanded that these conversion activities must be stopped otherwise we will not be responsible for hurting the religious sentiments of the Bahais.

This institute does not have the permission of Maharashtra Government. For its day to day expenses it is charging a heavy fee of Rs. 80,000 to 90,000 per student. The Hindu activists further demanded to impose a ban on this Institute if it does not remain faithful to the Indian constitution or does not obey the laws of Maharashtra Government.

This incident occurred in the presence of BJP District President Mr. Avinash Farande, Dada Suryavanshi, Yashwant Lele, Manohar Patwardhan, Vasant Jamdade, Bandu Shingte, Baju Dhavan and other Hindu activists and leaders.